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OTTO Car Insurance Review 2023

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OTTO Car insurance is not a real because this insurance provide by OTTO insurance company through its partner insurance companies. This website only helps people to find best insurance companies. It doesn’t sell any car insurance and don’t provide any quotes directly.

When you’re looking for a new car insurance policy, it’s a good idea to compare different quotes from insurance companies. OTTO insurance is websites that can help you for this things.

OTTO car insurance quotes provide with various types of insurance companies they can offers like auto, home, pet, commercial, and life insurance. However, OTTO Insurance doesn’t sell any car insurance itself. Instead, it shares your personal information with other insurance companies who already selling. OTTO send your details to its partner to get quotes, but not everyone who uses OTTO will necessarily receive a quote from them.

About “Otto Insurance “

Otto Insurance helps you to compare insurance cost without pay anything including car, pets, home, and life insurance.

Otto is not a insurance company its only guide you in the world of insurance. They really care about making sure you get what you need and putting you first.

Otto’s team is spread out all over the United States head office is in Miami Beach, Florida. They put in a lot of effort to link people with the right insurance partners to help protect their money in the future. The team collaborates with individual agents and insurance companies from different regions and across the country to offer the most competitive insurance rates available.

Otto Insurance uses modern technology and lots of experience to make sure you can safely get insurance quotes. They also have a network that talks to many different insurance companies in the United States to find you the best match quickly and securely.

Otto Car Insurance wants to help you connect with the best agents. They’re always trying to get better and make things faster. Their goal is to give you a great experience and find you a partner that fits your needs. You can join the big group of over 2 million happy savers with Otto Insurance today.

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What is OTTO Car Insurance?

The Otto Car Insurance is a website that connects you with a their 1,000 official insurance partners to giving instant insurance quotes. It’s very user-friendly, but you won’t get quotes right away. First, you give them your information, and then they connect you with one of their insurance agents to go through the quoting process.

How does OTTO Car Insurance work?

OTTO is different from other insurance marketplaces because it doesn’t show you car insurance prices after you provide your personal details. Instead, it works as a lead generator, sharing your information with over 1,000 partners. Some of these partners are large car insurance companies, but others appear to have little connection to insurance. OTTO’s partners include companies that deal with mortgages, solar panels, and energy services.

When you provide your personal information to OTTO, they will try to connect you with partners who can meet your specific needs. If they successfully match then OTTO might get paid by those partners.

When you start the process of getting a quote through OTTO, they will ask for the following personal information:

  • ZIP code
  • Vehicle year, make, model, and trim
  • Number of cars (OTTO suggests you can save up to 20% if you have more than one)
  • Current insurance status
  • Credit score
  • Homeowner or renter status, and if you want to bundle insurance policies
  • Birth date
  • Number of drivers
  • Marital status
  • Military service status

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Pros and Cons of OTTO Insurance

Option to receive quotes from many insurersNo option to review your online quotes on the site
Process to request quotes is quick online or Phone numbersOTTO shares your personal information with third parties, which could result in unwanted calls or emails

OTTO car insurance reviews : Customers

While Otto Insurance displays many positive reviews on their website, it can be challenging to find any negative reviews in all customer reviews. After some investigation, we managed to uncover a few reviews from customers who were not satisfied and give rating:

1-Star Rating – Doesn’t Recommend Otto Insurance – Katrina Siverts

1-Star Rating – Doesn’t Recommend Otto Insurance – Scott A Fussnecker

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People are upset because they think Otto Insurance is not being honest. Otto says they are an insurance company, but they really just refer you to other companies. These customers want to know how to tell Google to stop showing Otto in search results and how to get YouTube to stop showing their ads because they think Otto is tricking peopleJohn

Is OTTO Car insurance Legit ?

OTTO Car Insurance is a Legit company, but some customers have complained on Trustpilot that they received lots of unwanted calls and emails after asking submitting personal information on their site. Unlike typical quote-comparison websites is like that where you can choose which insurance companies to contact you based on the quotes, OTTO is like a middleman only. They pass your personal information to other insurance companies.

While OTTO does partner with some best insurance companies in 2023, they also work with many other companies that aren’t related to insurance. This means you might get calls and emails from companies that don’t even sell insurance if you share your information with OTTO.


How does OTTO Car Insurance work?

When you visit www.ottoinsurance.com and fill your personal details for getting quote then OTTO Insurance share your information with insurance partners who can offer you quotes based on your needs and details.

Is OTTO Car Insurance free to use?

Yes, using OTTO Car Insurance to compare quotes is typically free for consumers. OTTO may receive compensation from its partners if they successfully connect you with an insurance provider.

Can I purchase car insurance directly through OTTO?

No, OTTO is not an insurance company, so you cannot buy insurance directly from them.

Is my personal information safe with OTTO Car Insurance?

OTTO takes privacy seriously and strives to protect your personal information. However, they do share your details only with their partner companies to provide you with insurance quotes, so be sure to review their privacy policy.

How quickly can I get car insurance quotes through OTTO?

The process may vary, but typically, OTTO will collect your information and then can help to connect you with an insurance agent who can provide you with quotes. The timing depends on the response from their partner companies.

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Can I trust the quotes I receive through OTTO Car Insurance?

The quotes you receive through OTTO are provided by their partner insurance companies, so the reliability of the quotes depends on the accuracy of the information you provide and the policies offered by those partners.

In Conclusion

Otto Car Insurance is a legit website that connects you with more than 1,000 insurance agents and partners. They try to find two insurance companies that can give you best prices quotes.

Some people have complained that they got lots of unwanted calls after using OTTO Insurance, but there are also some good reviews. If you’re okay with the possibility of getting a bunch of calls, you might want to give OTTO Car Insurance near me.

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