Lowa has cheap car insurance due to its rural and sparsely populated areas.

The average monthly cost of car insurance in Iowa is $76, ranking as the third cheapest state.

Hastings Mutual is known for being one of the most affordable options in Iowa.

Hastings Mutual offers the lowest car insurance at just $35 per month in the state.

If you need State-Minimum Insurance, Hastings Mutual offers it at a budget-friendly rate of $16 per month.

Hastings Mutual remains the top choice for full coverage, costing only $55 per month.

Teen drivers can also find reasonable rates with Hastings Mutual, at $46 for liability-only and $159 for full coverage per month.

GEICO is a good option for teen drivers, offering liability coverage at $52 per month.

For senior drivers, GEICO offers the cheapest liability-only coverage at $17, while State Farm provides the lowest average rates at $55 per month.

Both GEICO and State Farm offer competitive rates in Iowa, even after incidents like speeding, DUI, or at-fault accidents, as auto insurance is mandatory in the state.