Major companies like State Farm, USAA, and American Family offer cheap SR-22 quotes.

SR-22 insurance is not an actual insurance policy. It's a document that your car insurance company submits to show that you have enough car insurance.

This document, called an SR-22 form, is for people who are considered high-risk drivers. You only need it if you are in that category.

If you need an SR-22, you'll have to pay your insurance company to file this document to the state, and your insurance rates will often increase.

The cost to file an SR-22 is differs in every state. It usually costs about $25 but can range from $15 to $50.

Usually, you need to carry this certificate for three years, but it can vary from two to five years depending on State law and reason you need an SR-22. The certificate stays valid as long as your car insurance is active.

There are other types of insurance that are similar to SR-22, like SR-21, SR-22A, FR-44, and SR-50 insurance.

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