To getting Cheap car insurance in California you need to compare multiple quotes with different companies.

We compare lots of insurance companies in California and find the cheapest one’s for you.

The average California driver pays just over $87 per month for car insurance.

The Grange Insurance offer cheapest car insurance in California with minimum-coverage rate at $62 per month and Wawanesa insurance offer $145 per month for full coverage.

Young driver looking for cheap car insurance in California may want to consider Wawanesa Insurance, which offers an average rate of $171 per month.

Getting convicted of a DUI in California, is one of the most serious driving offenses you can commit and this situation, Integon National Insurance Company provide the affordable rate with Average Monthly Rate $111.

Even with a ticket or traffic violation, Wawanesa Insurance is still the cheapest car insurance for California drivers.

The cost of car insurance premium is depending on many factors including your age, coverage needs, location and driving history.