Cheapest Car Insurance in Georgia in 2023

Find out Cheap car insurance in Georgia is not an easy task for save money you need to compare multiple quotes with different companies.

We compare best insurance companies in Georgia and find the cheapest one’s for you.

The car insurance average cost is $165 per month in Georgia and it’s come at 10th most expensive states for car insurance.

Georgia drivers pay on an average of $48 per month for state-minimum liability-only insurance.

Georgia Farm Bureau’s $76 per month rates are the lowest of any Peach State insurance company.

Also, Georgia Farm Bureau company offers the cheapest state-minimum liability rates at $48 per month and COUNTRY Financial is best option for full coverage rates at $97 per month.

Young driver looking for cheap car insurance in Georgia, GEICO offer for liability only at $125 per month and Georgia Farm Bureau cost is $257 per month for full coverage.

Your rates will likely increase if you get a ticket, causing an accident or moving violation in Georgia. Georgia Farm Bureau are affordable car insurance in Georgia.

Cordele, Tunnel Hill are the two cheapest cities in Georgia for auto insurance, at $66 per month and Hartwell are most expensive cities.

The cost of car insurance is depending on many factors including your age, coverage needs, ZIP code and driving history.