Cheapest Car Insurance in Indiana 2023

Find Cheapest car insurance in Indiana you will need to compare multiple quotes with different companies., compare best car insurance companies in Indiana and find the cheapest one’s for you.

The car insurance in Indiana average cost $198 for full coverage and $79 for minimum coverage.

Indiana drivers requires to carry 25/50/20 liability limits and uninsured motorist coverages.

Indiana Farmers Insurance provide the cheapest rates for State-Minimum insurance at $44 per month.

Pekin Insurance offer $104 per month for full coverage and cheapest average rates for several groups including all ages of drivers, and speeding ticket.

Indiana drivers with a DUI conviction see an average rate increase of 90% but might get cheaper rates $ 46 per month for liability coverage and $123 per month for full coverage from Indiana Farmers Insurance.

Mishawaka averages $43 per month are cheapest Indiana cities for auto insurance and Greenwood under the expensive city average monthly rates is $51.

The cost of car insurance is depending on many factors including your age, coverage needs, ZIP code and driving history.