Civil car coverage is type of insurance that can helps you to protect financial conditions if you damage someone's property or injure them in a car accident.

In United States, most states required minimum amount of Civil car insurance coverage and driver must carry when they drive a car.

If you're responsible for any accident then this insurance will cover costs like property damage, medical bills, and legal fees, up to the limits of your policy.

There are generally two main types of Civil car coverage: Bodily injury liability, which covers injuries to others, and property damage liability, which covers damage to someone else's property.

Civil car coverage can pay your expense for expensive medical bills, repairs to damaged property, or legal expenses if you're at fault in an accident.

While Civil car coverage is not mandatory in all states but it's strongly recommended to protect yourself and others.

Without car coverage, you could be personally responsible for paying for any damages or injuries you cause in an accident, which can be financially burdensome.

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