Career Opportunities at GEICO

You can work in sales and help customers with their insurance needs, or assist them with any questions they have.

Sales and Customer Service Job

You can work in the claims department, helping people when they need to make an insurance claim.

Claims Jobs

In many states, you can become an auto damage adjuster and assess the damage to vehicles after accidents.

Auto Damage Adjuster Careers

If you're into technology, GEICO offers jobs that involve using the latest and best technologies.

Information Technology Jobs

You can also work in roles related to insurance calculations, creating new insurance products, and researching underwriting.

Actuary, Product Management, and Underwriting Research Careers

If you're a recent college graduate, there are programs to help you advance quickly in your career.

Fast-Track Leadership Program

You can work in the legal field, either at the headquarters or in many states.

Legal Career

GEICO is more than just an insurance company; it's a place where you can build a rewarding career, no matter which job you choose.

Great Career Opportunities

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