Investigating a stolen car can take time few days to several months. Your car stolen then follow the steps.

If your car is stolen, you should tell the police right away. This is first step for the process.

The police will ask about your car, like its type and license plate. They'll also want to know if there's anything unique inside the car.

The police will tell other officers to watch out for your car. They'll also check if your car was in any accidents or crimes.

The police will look for clues, like security camera footage or people who saw the thief. This step can take a few days.

As they get new information, the police will follow up on it. They might talk to people who know something about your car.

It can take different times to find your car – sometimes in days, sometimes in weeks, or even longer. In some cases, they can't find it.

If they find the car and the thief, they will go through a legal process. This means going to court, which might take some time.

Once they find your car and finish the legal things, the investigation is over. The time it takes can be different for each case, but the police try to finish it as quickly as they can.