Shelter Insurance is good because they have good customer service and they offer insurance options for your home and car. But their car insurance is usually not the cheapest

Shelter Insurance is only available in 15 states, so many people can't use their services.

If you want full coverage car insurance from Shelter, it costs $180 per month, which is 19% more expensive than the average.

Even their basic coverage cost at $70 per month, which is 37% more expensive than the average.

Shelter gives discounts for safe driving, bundling policies, having multiple cars, and full bill pay. They also offer free roadside assistance and new car replacement for their customers.

They also got a high score for customer satisfaction in the central region of the U.S., where they do most of their business.

You can reach Shelter Insurance phone number at 800-743-5837 to buy insurance, ask questions, or file a claim. If you need roadside assistance, call 855-817-6510.