Liberty Collision Center offers a wide range of services, from dent repair to frame work, paint services, and more.

Liberty Collision Center specializes in complete auto body and paint repair, ensuring your vehicle looks its best after an accident.

Auto Body and Paint Repair

They offer dent repair services to restore your vehicle's appearance to its pre-damaged condition.

Dent Repair

The center provides frame work to address structural damage caused by collisions with using advanced technologies.

Frame Work

Liberty Collision Center uses computerized paint matching to ensure a seamless and accurate color match for your vehicle's paint.

Computerized Paint Matchin

They offer comprehensive accident repair services to address damage resulting from auto accidents.

Auto Accident Repair

In case of accidents or breakdowns, they offer towing services to safely transport your vehicle to their center.

Towing Services

With modern vehicles' complexity, they perform diagnostic tests and safety sensor recalibrations to pinpoint and rectify issues accurately.

Diagnostics and Calibration

Liberty Collision Center also repairs non-collision damage, such as that caused by hail storms, vandalism, and other environmental factors.

Non-Collision Damage Repair