Legal Requirement

Non-owner insurance in North Carolina is essential for individuals who frequently borrow or rent vehicles. It ensures compliance with the state's minimum insurance requirements.

Non-owner policies typically provide liability coverage, which pays for injuries and property damage you may cause in an accident while driving a borrowed or rented vehicle.

Liability Coverage

Is specially designed for those who don't have own a car but need coverage when drive other person vehicle.

No Vehicle Ownership Needed

It can also fulfill SR-22 requirements for individuals who have suspended driving license and allowing them to reinstate their driving privileges.

SR-22 Compliance

Non-owner's policies offer flexibility, mean you can customize your coverage as per your needs, and you can often choose the coverage limits.


They are usually cheapest than traditional car insurance because they don't cover a specific vehicle.


The main benefits are to helps protect your assets in case you're at fault in an accident, preventing you from being personally liable for damages.

Protects Your Finances

It may include coverage for rental cars, saving you money on expensive rental car insurance options when traveling.

Rental Car Coverage